Staff Directory

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St. Anthony Catholic School is blessed with a highly-qualified, dedicated staff. Each day staff members renew their pledge to “strive for excellence in all we do” and to fulfill the school’s mission to develop each student’s unique talents and gifts. Furthermore, St. Anthony staff members have a passion to see their students succeed not only in academia but also in spirituality and life.


Principal – Julie Bordelon

Business Manager – Monica Price

Office Manager/School Nurse -Michelle Glorioso

Development Director – Theresa McMullin

Administration/Development – Lisa Harmon

Pastor, St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church – Msgr. Michael Flannery


Teacher – Katherine Newell

Assistant Teacher – Kathleen Hood

Teacher – Aimee Burns

Assistant Teacher – Katie Hair


Teacher – Ashley Robertson

Assistant Teacher – Sarah Runnels

Teacher – Anne Cowger

Assistant Teacher – Kristy Sheehan

1st Grade

Teacher – Cathy Lutz

Assistant Teacher – Shannon Burns

Teacher – Allison Coats

Assistant Teacher – Lisa Wilson

2nd Grade

Teacher – Leslie Tyler

Assistant Teacher – Kendal Waters

Teacher – Gail Kraft

Assistant Teacher – Beth Burns

3rd Grade

Teacher – Patricia Holder

Teacher – Christy Sims

4th Grade

Teacher – Katherine Nicosia

Teacher – Virginia Hollingsworth

5th/6th Grades

5th and 6th Math and Science Teacher – Ryan McKay

Social Studies and Religion Teacher – Stephanie Brown

6th Reading Language and Forte Teacher – Megan Leake

5th Reading, Language, and Science Teacher – Amanda Cook

6th Science and Librarian – Vicki Moorehead


Student Support Teacher/WSI Director – Julie Benson

Music Teacher – Joey Coleman

Art Teacher – Amanda Cashman

Spanish Teacher – Michelle McCarty

Technology Coordinator – Erin Eatherly

Speech/Language Pathology – Joanna Johnson

Technology – Carolyn Paulding

Social Work Resource – Paula St. Pierre

Dyslexic Therapist – Kacey Matthews

Physical Education Teacher – Dwyane Demmin

Band Director – Ronnie Russell

Latin Teacher – Fr. Al Camp

Maintenance Supervisor – Jamie Stringer